What’s New at Dry Heat Embroidery | Patches

Custom Embroidery For Your Patches, Hats, Shirts and More!

This blog section will feature pictures from our new projects and discussion of embroidery issues and how we overcame them. Our customer base is growing all the time as we add custom embroidery files for more and more brands, styles and items.  We do all of our digitizing in house, meaning that we digitize from your idea or picture and then we can modify the file any way you want. If you want it bigger, smaller, change the colors, move items around, we can do it because we have the embroidery vector file, not just the embroidery stitch file.  Most embroidery shops pay others to do the digitizing and they can’t do anything but change colors on your patches, hats, or shirts.  At Dry Heat Embroidery, when we say “CUSTOM” we mean “CUSTOM“.. not one size fits all change the color or some text and thats what you have to settle for.

Slideshow Featuring Some of the Embroidery Patches, Hats and Shirts We’ve Done For Our Customers



Patches are just one of the products at Dry Heat Embroidery.  We can make patches for any purpose. Whether you need 5 patches or 500 patches, we can fill the order. On our smaller orders each of your patches are custom made so you can change the colors or text as you see fit. We can satin edge the patches to the shape of the patch, so you don’t have to settle for a round or square patch if you want your patches to be just the patch, no dead space.  If you’re a biker, you can visit our “For Bikers” page and see some of the great work we’ve done.