GL1800 Goldwing Motorcycle – How Do You Build One for Embroidery

GL1800 Goldwing – How to Build it for Embroidery

GL1800 Goldwing Motorcycle Digitizing Video

Red Chromed Honda GL1800 GoldWing motorcycle embroidery Digitizing
Animated GIF file of How I built the GL1800 Golding file point by point.


In order to be able to do quality motorcycle embroidery where I can scale the image up or down and not lose any stitch density, I have to digitize the image myself.  I could send a picture off to one of the digitizing houses and they would send me back a file thats a specific size and I would be able to scale up or down maybe 20% before the embroidery quality suffers.  The goal of a good digitizing file is that there are as few color changes as possible and as few color stops as possible. A color stop is where the embroidery machine will tie off the stitch and then cut the thread.  It’s much more efficient to have embroidery that stitches, does a running stitch to the next area and then lays down more embroidery stitches and so forth.  It’s very time consuming to get a perfectly digitized embroidery file, but with practice and some planning before starting the job, it can be done. When you want to get your motorcycle done in embroidery, you want to have someone who can make changes as your motorcycle changes!


When you have the digitizing file, it’s easier to make changes such as adding a backrest, adding chrome trim pieces, changing the pipes etc.  This allows Dry Heat Embroidery to do true CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE EMBROIDERY and not just simple color changes and text changes. Thats not custom, thats changing a thread color.  When you want to make your embroidery reflect your pride in your motorcycle, car, boat, whatever it may be.. you want CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE EMBROIDERY from Dry Heat Embroidery.