GL1800 Goldwing Trike Embroidery

GL1800 Goldwing Trikes Embroidery

Goldwing Trikes: I’ve been spending lots of time digitizing some GL1800 Goldwing Trikes for my riding brothers and sisters since there aren’t a lot of embroidery sources out there for them for patches, shirts, hats etc.  It takes me an average of around 7 hours to digitize a new manufacturers Goldwing Trike.  Because I digitize the Trikes myself, I have full control over what color the Trikes are and what accessories I can put on them to match the customers Trike.

About Our Goldwing Trikes Embroidery

The GL1800 Trikes on shirt backs are about 10″ long and at an angle to show the trike seating and profile.  Here’s some pictures of some of the recent embroidery that we’ve done, GL1800 trike shirts, Goldwing trike patches and GL1800 trike hats with shirts.

What Makes Dry Heat Embroidery Different

when it come to Goldwing Trikes?

Dry Heat Embroidery isn’t a process.  We are a company that takes pride in embroidery that shows the detail of the customers GL1800 Goldwing Trike when it’s stitched onto hats, patchs and shirts. You can buy ready made embroidery patches of Goldwing Trikes  over the internet and they might look okay, but when it comes to your Goldwing Trike, is your’s the same as everyone elses?

You can see that I spend a lot of time trying to make sure the embroidery looks like the customers Trike.