DryHeat Store | Embroidery

Embroidery is the only thing we do

At Dry Heat Embroidery we don’t do Screenprinting, or car decals or anything else. We focus on Embroidery and only Embroidery.  Our shop is located in Mesa, Arizona and 95% of our embroidery is done on site when you place your order. Most of our embroidered items are created just for you.  Dry Heat Embroidery specializes in truly CUSTOM EMBROIDERY, not one size fits all.

Embroidery: Others say they’re custom

They may say they’re custom, but unless they’re making it for you, after you order it, they’re using already produced embroidery and just adding some custom text to it.  There’s a time to use outside sources for embroidery, and thats when the customer needs so many of an item that it would be cost prohibitive and very time consuming to handle the order in house.

So what type of embroidery do you do?

Dry Heat embroiders hats, shirts, towels, and makes custom patches.  For the motorcycles we embroider, we have you email us a picture and we add your accessories and custom items to the embroidered item. Since we do all of our own digitizing, we can scale images up and down and make changes to the file at any time.  We don’t sell the files so you won’t find one of our creations anywhere else than Dry Heat.

M109R custom
Suzuki M109R Boulevard

Embroidery of a GL1800 on a Polo Shirt