Suzuki M109R Boulevard Embroidery

Suzuki M109R Boulevard Embroidery

Why did I take the time to digitize the Suzuki M109R Boulevard?

The Suzuki M109R Boulevard is a very popular motorcycle with many younger riders that don’t want to ride a crotch rocket, but want a bike with some guts, a really good look and lots of custom accessories that are available everywhere. I have a friend on my motorcycle forum that bought a M109R and he asked me if I could digitize his bike and make a patch and some shirts for him. He sent me the pictures and I digitized it and embroidered his biker stuff for him.  As the popularity of the Boulevard took off, so did my business for customizing the 109 to match their bikes and doing shirts and hats and patches for them.  One forum that was very popular was mismanaged and went defunct and I can’t afford to advertise on the largest M109R forum, so I rely on word of mouth from my existing customers to let their riding buddies know where to get some great custom embroidery for their Suzuki M109R Boulevard.  The 2 pictures below show what Bernie sent me and the one on the right is a picture he took of the shirt that I made for him.

Big B.. An M109R Bikerpicture of big b's shirt

        PICTURE OF BIG B’s SUZUKI M109R                                             PICTURE OF BIG B’s SHIRT THAT I EMBROIDERED FOR HIM

Building a Custom Suzuki M109R Boulevard Embroidery File

One of my repeat customers asked about getting his highly customized M109R Boulevard on a Charcoal Gray Hoodie.  He sent me several picture from different angles and it took about 10 hours to get all the custom digitizing done to the basic M109R chassis embroidery file.  Below is the animated gif file of the digitizing/stitching process and below that is the picture of the finished embroidery on his Charcoal gray Hoodie.  It took 3 hours to stitch out his bike because of the size and the number of stitches.

Johns M109 V1

Johns Suzuki M109R Boulevard


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