Harley-Davidson™ Motorcycle Embroidery

I Make no Claims that This Embroidery is


This is not OFFICIAL Harley-Davidson ™ produced items. These are from customers that have sent me pictures of their Harley-Davidson ™ Motorcycles to digitize them.  You can’t go into your local Harley store and get embroidery that is customized to look like your ride.. so Welcome to Dry Heat Embroidery.

How a Harley-Davidson is Digitized for Quality Embroidery

This video file shows the process I went thru to digitize this Road Glide and add the custom wheels, bars etc.  I don’t use the “magic wand” where you click on the color and it automatically does it for you because the quality looks like crap, and even though I ride a Honda Goldwing, a Harley-Davidson shouldn’t look like crap, even in embroidery.. and there’s some pretty sorry stuff out there.  This digitizing process took me about 8-10 hours because I create the file using a vector based editing program where I draw the specify the color and type of stitiching for the individual shapes, and then I create connections so that the machine doesn’t have to stop stitching as often. The pale Yellow color is where the chrome (silver polyester or silver metal wrapped mono-filament thread)

What about other models?

I plan on adding other Harley-Davidson ™ Motorcycle models to the available products in the near future. Since I use customer provided photos of their bikes and not “Harley-Davidson™ COPYRIGHTED and VERY PROTECTED” stock photographs,  I rely on you, the HD owner to send me a good quality hi-resolution photo of your bike at the same angle and setup as the one shown below.  Take the photo from the center of the bike, as level as possible so that you are 90 degrees front to back and top to bottom.  You can see the scan of one of the finished back patches below the customers picture so you can compare the two. The customer wanted the bike to be burgundy and chrome for everything that is normally chromed on a Road Glide.

Harley-Davidson Owners PIcture
The Picture I worked From
FInished Harley Davidson patch
This is a scan of one of the finished patches.

Can you make the Harley-Davidson Road Glide

blue and put regular bars on it?

A friend of mine on my motorcycle forum (https://www.thesabrehood.org) has a Harley-Davidson Road Glide and asked me to put some regular bars on it and make it blue.  I haven’t stitched it out yet so this is a computer screen snapshot of what it will look like. It will look better when it’s stitched out and I’ll replace this picture with an actual scan of the finished item.   I can change the colors, add accessories, change the air filter cover etc.  All I need is a picture to work from.  The accents are separate items  so they can be any color or moved or removed.


Blue Harley-Davidson Road Glide
Road Glide Preview. Light Yellow is chrome when it’s stitched.