Biker Embroidery

Is Your Biker Embroidery Customized? 

I’m not some business guy that see’s making biker patches as just as way to make some money..I am a biker.  I ride a 2006 Goldwing and have over 70,000 miles on it. Before the GL1800 Goldwing I hade a Honda Shadow Sabre .  I put a lot of accessories on my bikes and if I was going to pay for a customized Biker embroidery job, I would expect it to be customized with the way my bike looks.. not just some custom text or changing the color of the stock patch.

Some companies think that stitching a stock image in  the same color as your bike is customized. What about the bags? What about the apes? What about the custom pipes you put on it?  When Dry Heat digitizes your ride, we do it from a picture of your pride and joy.

So what do we mean by Custom Biker Embroidery

Your’re a Biker and you take pride in your ride. If you have a sword on the front forks, we digitize a sword . Go for true customized, not one size fits all “customized to stock”. At Dry Heat Embroidery we understand bikers because we are bikers..we know how much pride you put into your ride. If you want a custom patch, it should truly be “CUSTOM” and not some stock patch with your color skins on it!

There are companies out there that will charge you $60 for a Long Sleeve Denim Shirt and a SMALL 3” logo over the pocket.  At Dry Heat Embroidery, we charge quite a bit less for a Biker Embroidery on a Long Sleeve Denim Shirt with a 9” wide x 7” tall embroidery on the back. A small embroidered file on the front with your name wouldn’t be much more.  So what are you getting with the other higher priced $60 or more Denim shirt? Do the words “NOT MUCH” mean anything to you?

When you want your biker embroidery to reflect your bike and you as an individual, Dry Heat Embroidery is there to make sure the final result looks like what you ride.. down to the accessory details!

Honda Goldwing  and Other Biker Embroidery.. check out the detail!

This is a slide show of some of the items I’ve digitized and embroidered.  Since I do my own digitizing, I have the capability of enlarging or reducing the embroidery size without losing any final quality.  Other embroiderers will buy a stock file at a certain size and just change the skins color and add “custom” text.   See the next image for the Suzuki M-109R that I digitized from a photo a biker friend sent me.. You can see the photo and a photo of the actual finished shirt.

  • 9XBoyzDickiesShirt
  • BlackM109R
  • blackorangegradientflamehat
  • BlackPoloTribalGWEagle
  • blackshirtwingandName
  • BlackZipUpHoodie
  • BoulevardLogo6inch
  • ChampionTrike
  • CSCCobra
  • CustomPuertoRicoM109RShirt
  • DarkSide4X3patch
  • DarkSide4X3Verticalpatch
  • DarksideRocketIIIPatch
  • DarthVadarDarkSideV3PATCH
  • DennisM109Actual
  • Divine9-M109R
  • DucksAirIntakesShirtBack
  • DucksBlackShirt
  • GL1800-2012Final
  • GL1800CustomLogoDickies
  • GL1800OrangeDarkSidePatch
  • GL1800PoloShirt
  • GL1800TanHatCloseup
  • GL1800TanHatYellowWing
  • GL1800TitaniumHatCloseup
  • GL1800TrikeDenimShirt
  • GL1800TrikeHatShirtCombo
  • GoldwingYouKnowYouWantOne
  • HanniganFinal
  • HappinessIs6cylHat
  • HappinessIs6Cylinders
  • M109BackEmbroideryPurple
  • M109R%2520Tribal%2520Hoodie%2520SMPic
  • M109RSilverFlameHat
  • M109RTribalDenimShirt
  • M109RTribalDenimShirtCloseup
  • M109RTribalDickiesShirtBack
  • M109RVTwinJUSTM109SALE
  • M109TribalPatch
  • M109Tribaltop6x4patch
  • megatwistieroadhat
  • megatwistiespatch
  • MonarchII-001
  • MonsterWingTeeShirt
  • MotorTrike1
  • MotorTrikeAquashields
  • Roadsmith
  • Roadsmith2006Gold
  • ShadowSabreDenimShirtBack
  • SmashNinjaPatchWEB
  • Social%2520Visibility%2520Item
  • ST1300LetsRideHat
  • TailGunnerSafetyVest
  • TeaPartyPatriotHat
  • TennesseeTravelersOrangeHat
  • TitaniumGL1800Hat
  • TNTravelerBlackPoloFrontBack
  • TNTravelerDenimShirtBack
  • TNTravelersBlackHat
  • TNTravelersBlkOrangeFlameHat
  • TNTravelersShirtFrontandBack
  • TrikeGrayRoundPatch
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I was asked by a biker friend to make a shirt with this Suzuki M109R embroidery on the back. the pictures below show the picture that was sent to me and then a photo of the finished Biker Embroidery shirt that was posted by the owner on the forum. Biker Embroidery is a passion for us at Dry Heat Embroidery.  We could very easily just buy stock biker embroidery items from overseas sources and sell them on ebay like some others do, but most people don’t have a STOCK bike and they deserve not to have to settle for STOCK Biker Embroidery!

Big B.. An M109R Biker
Bike Picture that Big B sent me for his custom shirt.

picture of big b's shirt


A customer contacted me and asked me to make this patch for him big enough to sew onto the back of his vest. I digitized the drawing he had and sent several proofs to him until he settled on what he wanted. It has been added to my online embroidery store at: and can be found under the Honda:ST1300  and patches categories.

This is the digitized proof of what the patch will look like. The corners will be slightly rounded on the satin edging.

Twisted Tarmac Back Patch
Twisted Tarmac Back Patch