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Embroidery. One of our most popular biker embroidery  products are our Dickies ™ Style short sleeve work shirt with back embroidery and a smaller logo on the front with or without the name.  These shirts are made to last and we only use polyester thread for durability and resistance to fading over time.

At Dry Heat Embroidery, we’re not the big boys on the block. Hell, we’re not even the medium boys on the block.. but then again, our prices aren’t big either.  We do our own Biker Embroidery digitizing in house. We don’t ship it overseas or farm it out to some “Logo Mill” where you’re stuck with the image you agreed to.  Whats the big deal about doing it in house?  We have the original vector based file and we can make subtle changes in your design for you, and normally we don’t charge extra.  Change the color, change the text, alter the main design elements… it’s easy if you have the vector based file because you have complete object by object control.

 Biker Embroidery For and By Bikers

Scale up, scale down. It’s a snap. Try that with a file that was digitized by a “Logo Mill”.   They’ll do it.. but you gotta pay! Here are some of the files that we’ve digitized and stitched on shirts, Hats, patches etc.  Some images are 1 of a kind and will not be reproduced again!

There are companies out there that will charge you $60 for a Long Sleeve Denim Shirt and a SMALL 3” logo over the pocket. At Dry Heat Embroidery, we only charge $54.99 for a Long Sleeve Denim Shirt with a 9” wide x 7” tall embroidery on the back. A small embroidered file on the front with your name would only be about $10 more on the same shirt order. So what are you getting with the other higher priced $60 Denim shirt? Do the words “Not Much” mean anything to you? Being a small company means we care about every customer and what we can do to win their business and keep their business. Bring your business to a place where you’re appreciated and where the people will work with you to make sure your embroidery exceed your expectations!

I do all my own digitizing so if you don’t see it, then click here to send me an email: