Harley-Davidson™ Road Glide 4″ Oval Shark Nose Patch

NOTE: this is not “Official” Harley-Davidson™ merchandise.

Had a customer request a 4″ patch with the Harley Davidson Road Glide Shark Nose. Digitized a custom patch for him where he can select the upper and lower fairing colors, the background color and the text/text color below the fairing. Up to 3 patches include free shipping in the U.S. Only $9.99 each. Each patch is made to order. No cookie cutter pre-made patches where you have to settle for something close to your ride. I’ll try and match your colors as close as possible.

This is the result and I have a version for the 2017 Road Glides as well. You can see these and other Road Glide, RG Ultra and Ultra Classic embroidery products at this link.  Also have some BMW items, M109R items and Honda items.



Road Glide Shark Nose Oval Patch

2016 GL1800 Red and Black Honda Goldwing

Stitched out a 2016 GL1800 Honda Goldwing with  Red and Black paint with pinstripes.  I love the paint scheme on this Goldwing.  This was stitched on the back of a long sleeve denim shirt and you can see the detail that I put into my embroidery.

None of my products are cookie cutter pre-made or purchased from some overseas embroidery sweatshop.  Everything in my store is custom made once you place your order.  I will do everything within reason to match the color and accessories on your motorcycle.  The larger the embroidery, the more detail I can include.  As an example, look at the detail in this Goldwing that I’m posting about.

Honda GL1800 Red and Black Goldwing Motorcycle