BMW KT1600 and R1200RT Now Available!

Dry Heat Embroidery is happy to announce that we have added 2 BMW Motorcycles to our embroidery stable. We now have the BMW KT1600 available and are done digitizing the BMW R1200RT.  The BMW KT1600 is available for purchase right now, and the R1200RT embroidery will be available for purchase within 24 hours as soon as I do a test stitch out to make sure it’s high quailty!

Here’s the KT1600 embroidery done on a denim shirt back. The embroidery is over 10″ wide.

BMW KT1600 Embroidery on Denim Shirt

The R1200RT BMW Motorcycle embroidery digitized file screenshot is below and it’s also over 10″ wide. This image will be replaced with an actual picture of the stitch out test embroidery.

Here’s the picture of the stitched out file. It’s 10.5″ wide and on black poly patch twill. You can see the screenshot of the digitized file below this picture.

BMW R1200RT Embroidery Picture

BMW R1200RT embroidered Motorcycle

Hang Up And Drive Vinyl Decal

Are you tired of the people who are so busy talking on their phones, or texting that they are putting themselves and others at risk as they weave all over the road? Maybe this Hang Up and Drive Vinyl decal will cause someone to actually hang up! Available in several different Vinyl Decal colors and sizes. Just click HERE to go to the Dry Heat Embroidery store and check out the other available vinyl decals.

Hang Up and drive Smartphone picture