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Embroidery Patches? You Looking for Patches?

Part of the Biker Culture is expressing ourselves with embroidery patches all over our vests and jackets. It’s not that we’re covering up holes or defects (normally at least.. but maybe we’re covering up a Harley-Davidson patch and we ride a Goldwing) but it’s that as a group of people that believe in freedom on the road and in our lives, we have a lot to say, and we can say it with Biker Patches.  Embroidery patches look better than hanging a bunch of Badge-A-Minut round metal badges on our ride gear.  The badges would be flapping around in the wind and would come loose and hurt someone.

So what Kind of Patches Should I Look For?

When you’re looking for embroidery patches to put on your ride gear, make sure the patch says something about what you believe or about you. I have to laugh when I see vests for sale that already have Biker Patches all over it.. like BUY THIS VEST AND IT WILL MAKE YOU A COOL BIKER!   At Dry Heat Embroidery, we don’t have any pre-made patches, we make every patch to order so you can specify what colors you want, what text you want and you can make it YOURS!  There are plenty of great patches out there that will fit many bikers and their outlook on life, but when you want to step out from the crowd, have a custom patch made.

Examples of some of the Biker Patches from Dry  Heat Embroidery

Here are some of the patches we’ve made for bikers. Some are embroidered patches of their bikes, or something about their bike that they want to highlight. Others are statements of how they feel about something.

Biker Patches - The Best Thing Between Your Legs    Biker Patches- Smash Ninja Patch

Bikers Patches - Thank you Veteran!            embroidery

There are many more patches available in my online store as well as embroidered polo shirts, Dickies style work shirts and hats.

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