Hang Up And Drive Decal

Are you tired of the people who are so busy talking on their phones, or texting that they are putting themselves and others at risk as they weave all over the road? Maybe this Hang Up and Drive decal will cause someone to actually hang up! Available in several different colors and sizes. Just click HERE to go to the Dry Heat Embroidery store and check out the other available vinyl decals.

Hang Up and Drive Decal

Harley-Davidson™ Ultra Classic High Quality Embroidery

The Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Embroidery File is Done!

After many many hours of point by point digitizing using a customers picture of their Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic, the file is done and ready to be stitched.  The Embroidered Ultra Classic joins its brothers, the Road Glide and the Road Glide Ultra.  All of these are available to be embroidered on patches, shirts, hats and hoodies.

Picture of harley-davidson ultra classic
High Quality, High Detail Embroidery for Harley-Davidson Owners

I normally use pale yellow to identify the chrome pieces, but people keep thinking that I’m going to stitch out their ride using yellow chrome so I have used photoshop to overlay a silver chrome look to the chrome areas.  The chrome on your Harley will be either silver polyester thread or you can have the optional metallic silver thread.

You can see this and other Motorcycle embroidery items in my online store at: https://store.dryheatembroidery.com

Custom Road Glide Ultra

Embroidered Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra

I’m pleased to announce that the Harley-Davidson™ Road Glide Ultra is now available in the Dry Heat Store.  The Road Glide Ultra can be embroidered on Hats, Shirst, Patches, Hoodies, sweatshirts and light weight jackets including High Visibility Yellow or Orange.  Small changes to the bike are done at no charge. Custom wheels and larger changes that require longer digitizing time can be done but there will be an additional cost.  You can change the colors of the skins or the seat and add tank bibs etc.   DryHeatEmbroidery.com is continuing to add more models to embroidery garage.  The Ultra Glide is about 70% digitized and should be available this month.

Here’s a picture of the Road Glide Ultra on the back of a Charcoal Carhartt workshirt.

Road GLide Ultra on Shirt

So what would a Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ultra look like on a High Visibility Jacket?




Green Custom Harley-Davidson Road Glide Digitizing is DONE!

I finished the digitizing for the Green Apple colored Harley-Davidson Road Glide patch and here it is with the picture the owner sent me for comparison. It took quite awhile to make all the mods on this one so I did have to charge a digitizing fee, but I’m sure the owner will be very happy with the results.

I’m still working on the Ultra Glide Classic and it’s coming along.

FYI:  The pale yellow color will be silver or metallic silver for chrome. I use pale yellow because there are so many different shades of gray/silver that I needed a way to clearly denote what is chrome so I know where to put that spool of thread.

Harley-Davidson Road Glide Custom Embroidery

Harley-Davidson Road Glide

New Custom Road Glide Project and Ultra Classic on the Way!

Another Custom Harley-Davidson Road Glide Patch

This involved about 60% custom digitizing that I had to redo because of the mods etc on this road glide.  It took a lot of hours to draw it point by point, but I think it’s worth it!   The customer is so impressed that he wants me to wait to ship until he increases his order.

I do all my own digitizing so you aren’t stuck with a cookie-cutter One style fits all.  Get your embroidery from someone who rides!

Check out my facebook page to see the pictures of the bikes and what the patch will look like.


Below this picture is the next one that I’m working on.  Plus, I’m also digitizing the Harley-Davidson (TM) Ultra Classic


Custom HD Road Glide picture
Billy’s Road Glide


Here’s the next Road glide with more custom work.


Harley-Davidson Road Glide


Harley Davidson ™ Road Glide no Apes

Can you make the Harley-Davidson Road Glide

blue and put regular bars on it?

A friend of mine on my motorcycle forum (https://www.thesabrehood.org) has a Harley-Davidson Road Glide and asked me to put some regular bars on it and make it blue.  I haven’t stitched it out yet so this is a computer screen snapshot of what it will look like. It will look better when it’s stitched out and I’ll replace this picture with an actual scan of the finished item.   I can change the colors, add accessories, change the air filter cover etc.  All I need is a picture to work from.  The accents are separate items  so they can be any color or moved or removed.

Blue Harley-Davidson Road Glide
Road Glide Preview. Light Yellow is chrome when it’s stitched.


Dry Heat Embroidery is now doing Harley-Davidsons | Harley-Davidson

The Harley-Davidson Request

A Suzuki M109R Customer had a special request.  “Can you do my friends Harley-Davidson Road Glide  but do it in Burgundy and chrome where it’s supposed to be?”.   I checked out the photo and said yes.  It took me about 8 hours of digitizing because I had to start from scratch and the Harley engine is fully exposed, unlike a Honda Goldwing.  I emailed him the screen shot of the digitized result and he said for for it.  I’m in the process of embroidering 8  backpatches for his friends that ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  I did the best I could to capture all the detail of the custom wheels and the engine etc.   It has apes on it so they look kinda wierd, but thats what the picture looks like.  You can see the picture and the result below.

Harley-Davidson Owners PIcture
The Picture I worked From
FInished Harley Davidson patch
This is a scan of one of the finished patches.

I plan on adding the other popular Harley-Davidson motorcycle models over the next few months. Each one will take a long time to do as I believe in as much detail as possible. If I wouldn’t pay for it or wear it, I don’t expect anyone else to either!